Sports Transition Series

Sports Transition Series

The Sports Transition Series is designed to provide sports people with direct access to the knowledge, skills and networks needed to ensure a successful and sustainable transition into the business world.

It will assist participants who are looking to establish or grow their own business, or invest into an existing business.

Each Member will formally participate in the Series for 12 months, followed by a further 2 years involvement as an Alumni Member. The Sports Transition Series provides Members with the following outcomes:

  • Access to key industry, business and government leaders;
  • Increase leadership skills and connectivity, including professional and life skills;
  • Reciprocal rights to access Leaders Series across Australia and New Zealand.

This initiative is operated in conjunction with the broader New South Wales Leaders network, including our Industry Experts and Industry Partners to provide a broad range of skills, knowledge and networks.

If you would like to be considered for a Sports Transition Membership, please contact New South Wales Leaders directly here.

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New South Wales Leaders selects leading growth companies to become Members.

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