The jobs for the genius

When you become a leader or manager, a large part of your role will become delegating tasks to colleagues. But there will still be some key jobs that if you want to be successful, will have to remain with you; those are the jobs for the genius.

The first task to keep on your to-do list, is managing key business functions: you’ve reached management level because you’re the best person to handle these jobs. If you can delegate them, then perhaps whomever it is you’re delegating them to should be the one in your position.

Secondly, it is your job to manage your team. This means that if there is credit due to an individual, you’re the one to give it to them (albeit, hopefully not the only one!), and the same goes for punishments (hopefully you are the only one). With great power comes great responsibility, and you have to be responsible for the performance of your team.

Another part of managing a team is creating that team atmosphere: ensuring everyone is always up to speed, knows where to go for help, and feel like they are part of a team. Understand who has what skills, and capitalise on that, doing so will ensure the success of your team; and in a good team environment, those successes should be celebrated as a team. In addition to this, if your team are doing jobs that they know they excel at, they’ll become increasingly satisfied with their duties.

Further to this, you should be the one who is developing the team mentality. Arguably the main function of a leader is to make sure everyone has the same goal, and the motivation to work towards it.

Thirdly, the team leader should always be the one to deal with potential and current investors. When it comes to raising capital and putting money into a new or innovative venture, investors will always want to hear from the person in charge of it all. The same goes for delivering bad news to those investors; this is a part of taking responsibility for your team.

Finally, crisis management, planning and managing an actual crisis, should always be the job of the leader. You are the one who has the most comprehensive knowledge on how the business works, including supply chains and who has what capabilities. Making you by far the most qualified person to ensure that incidents that happen don’t escalate to a crisis.

Article by Kathryn Hetherington, Entamio

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