The Quality of Human Decision Making 

Dr Paul Guignard - Founder and Director, Capability Institute 

Human brains, in the form of decision quality, creativity and insights, will always play a determining role in the health of organisations. Even more so now with the rapid advance of digital technology, AI and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

These developments present daunting new challenges: they demand rapid change, innovation, transformation and success at execution – all difficult tasks that critically depend on human contributions.   Our focus at the Capability Institute is the quality of human decision making: how to measure it, understand it, what determines it and how to improve it.

Our tested and proven models, methodologies and web-based tools enable us to guide organisations and teams from 1) Know where you are, to 2) Know where you need to go, and 3) Know how to get there.  

We can measure capability and culture, therefore we can help you understand what really happens at the team and organisational levels, for performance, risk or change. However, understanding is not enough; one needs to drive action and successful implementation. This is where our integrated model of capability plays a determining role. It enables us to create effective execution blueprints for projects and initiatives that are owned by participants and that leverage the known success factors.

We use our web-based platform-ecosystem to ensure that communication, accountability and learning take place up-down and across the organisation.   Although convinced of the importance of human brains, we also recognise, and work to leverage, the power of AI in boosting the quality of human decision making. Teaming up a human brain, its human insights and creativity, with AI insights based on data and deep learning, makes it possible to reach new levels in human performance and decision making.

This is where the future lies.   In summary, if you are facing challenges related to performance, capability, culture or change, then talk to us. Further, if your concern is not only understanding but action and improvement then our methodologies and tools can make a very significant differences to outcomes.

Finally, if you are concerned, as you should be, about human decision quality and the impact AI can have in improving it – not replacing it – then talk to us. We believe it is important to take a proactive stance on these critical matters.

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