Training Never Stops

Staff training is often seen as a once off exercise.

At the very best, companies engage in “skill upgrades” or reviews from time to time, but most don’t even do that.

Training staff is constrained by a simple fact of human psychology: people remember new information best when they use it immediately and regularly.

Anything your staff are expected to read through and remember should fit this description.

If they’re not going to use it immediately and not going to use it regularly, there’s very little chance it will sink in.

So what’s the solution when a job has lots of complex operations that may only be done monthly or even less frequently than that?

Simple: the instructions for actually doing a job need to be embedded in the work environment.

This can be achieved by putting notices or instructions in a physical work environment, or by linking to procedures from tasks created in a project management system.

The goal of initial staff training and induction then becomes “showing people how to find out how to do their job”, which is something they will use immediately and regularly.

Forgetting how to do this is tantamount to forgetting they even have a job.

All other instructions are available at the point of action; on demand.

Article written by Iain Dooley, The Procedure People.

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