Expert and Peer Community

How can I access a trusted Expert and Peer Community to support my business?

Running a business can be lonely. It can be stressful and overwhelming at times. It’s not always possible to share problems with staff or family. An independent voice of reason is often the answer. With a like-minded community of trusted experts and business owners, the opportunity exists to discuss challenges and share experiences. This provides comfort and confidence. And in turn, this helps business founders and leaders to make the best possible decisions.

Case Study: MultimediaX

To expand connections and foster relationships outside the industry, digital marketing agency MultimediaX joined the like-minded NSW Leaders community. This powerful ecosystem has helped the business to achieve growth.  

NSW Leaders has proven to be a highly effective way to interact with Industry Experts and business owners who rarely take time out and are on the same wavelength. And this all happens in a nurturing and supportive environment.

We look forward to NSW Leaders every month – it’s a refreshing break from working in the business. We love learning from other experts, and have met people from awesome businesses doing interesting work that aligns with where we’re at as a company.

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