How a single sentence can help align your entire business.

Does your company have a single sentence that sums up your business strategy and can be sited by all stakeholders? 

A clear and concise sentence called a success statement. It is created to communicate your vision to ensure there isn't ambiguity amongst your employees or customers. It identifies exactly who your target audience is, what actions you would like them to take with your product or service or information you are sharing with them and why they should take those actions.

A success statement can do many things. It can align your customers and stakeholders to a single vision. It can help establish what visual representations best support the success statement and help inform your narrative and digital choices. 

 You are giving people the single most compelling reason to use your product or service.

 For example, “Schools International”, a not-for-profit organisation that specifically target large corporations for donations. Identifying the actions, corporations to financially contribute for schools to be built in Laos. The compelling reason, it provides positive change and impacts children and families in Laos. By fleshing out the success statement it gives “Schools International” a clear direction on how to craft client presentations, marketing, socials and stakeholder vision for effective communication with your target audience. 

These success statements should be part of your everyday vernacular amongst staff, so each day everyone is working to a shared vision and are able to pinpoint clear messaging in communications with customers and stakeholders. 

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