About Us

About Us

New South Wales Leaders inspires the next generation of leading companies. It achieves this through the provision of knowledge, networks, and capital.

New South Wales Leaders assists companies to achieve sustainable growth, manage succession planning and evaluate entry and exit strategies for their business.

Using this experience and its networks, New South Wales Leaders operates a range of initiatives designed to benefit companies at different stages of growth.

These initiatives include:

New South Wales Leaders has a vision that includes:

  • Assisting growth companies to become national and international market leaders;
  • Developing and enhance the leadership skills of Founders, Directors and Executives;
  • Developing greater link to local, national and international capital markets;
  • Surrounding growth companies with Business, Industry and Government leaders.

What do we do?
We help CEOs and management teams grow their businesses more quickly and cost effectively than they can on their own.

How do we do it?
Up to 25 Scale-Up companies engage in a series of monthly events, where their management teams are mentored and coached by Experts in every discipline needed to help the business grow quickly and efficiently. It’s like having the ultimate Head of Department, for all departments.

Who do we do it for?
• Businesses seeking growth opportunities, including potential for national or international expansion
• Businesses in wealth creation mode, looking to innovate & develop new intellectual property
• CEOs & Management teams who seek the knowledge and networks to evolve their business to the next stage
• Executives who are open to new ideas, information and thinking
• Businesses looking to kick-start their Exit plans

What value do we provide?
Leaders provides exceptionally high quality, practical guidance and strategic support for every department, at a fraction of the normal cost. Instead of spending time researching and testing strategies, members tap directly into the specific answers they are seeking, saving huge amounts of time, money and wasted energy.

Advisory Board

James Paulsen

James initially worked in investment banking and private equity for several years assisting private companies access new opportunities, capital and exit strategies. He also founded Enterprise Angels, one of the first cloud based business angel networks in Australia. In 2006 he founded Queensland Leaders, a platform based business initiative to work with leading private companies to assist them become national and international market leaders.  After the success in Queensland, he established the Leaders business platform across Australia, New Zealand and the UK through the International Leaders business. James studied accounting at QUT and then completed an MBA with Bond University. His focus for the last 25 years has been to assist private business owners achieve their best through access to expertise, experience and inspiration.

Expression of Interest

New South Wales Leaders selects leading growth companies to become Members.

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