Innovation and Sustainability

How can my business achieve Innovation and Sustainability?

Change is constant. Change presents challenges and creates opportunities. As businesses continue to adapt, the three key drivers of value are considered to be innovation, intellectual property and brand differentiation. To stay ahead of the game and lift the barriers to entry, innovation is crucial. To take that a step further, sustainability is the art of innovation whilst maintaining a reliable and balanced business that delivers against growth aspirations.

Case Study: CONSEP Engineering Innovation

For Consep to sustain a leadership position, innovation isn’t just critical but essential. This involves the constant reinvention of technology and scope of supply. So, with innovation in mind, Consep became part of NSW Leaders in 2022.  

With NSW Leaders, the founder developed close bonds with both advisers and peers. The key has been putting time and effort into these relationships. These relationships have been beneficial at an individual and business level.

You need to go into NSW Leaders with a really open mind. It’s a means to stretch yourself and make new contacts. This monthly commitment provides an effective way to expand your mind, your relationships and your business.

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